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How McDonald's Became The Leader In The Fast Food Industry. McDonald's became the leader in the fast food industry with their strong focus on customer service, response to competition, and use of marketing techniques early on in their development. There are a lot of McDonald's restaurants in the world. To be exact, 34,392 -- at least once the fast food chain opens its first ever location in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam will be the 116th country in the world to be home to a McDonald's eatery. To mark the occasion, The Guardian developed Author: Rachel Tepper.

Starbucks Coffee and McDonald’s are two of the most famous coffee shops and fast food chains in the world respectively. The two companies are two of the most famous transnational companies that dominate different countries. Starbucks Coffee is known for its Arabica coffee beans while McDonald’s is known for its hamburger and fries. The map. The western producer. Documentaries that must be watched! World domination mcdonalds. Robert kenner reveals how the varied choice of items we see on the shelves of supermarkets is actually a. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free! S is the largest fast food chain in the world 4.7/5(28).

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