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Jan 13, 2013 · Life does not suck. But it can suck really badly. I have been depressed. To get away from my emotions I used a lot of drugs and alcohol. What that does, is indeed take away the emotions only to bounce back 10x harder than it did. Why does life. Nov 05, 2015 · If you share my point of view, I’d like to hear your own reasons why Life sucks. And if you don’t, feel free to prove me wrong in the comments bellow. On Medium, smart voices and original Author: Bo Farewell.

Nov 27, 2018 · You and I don’t need to suck at life. We can and should be great and do great things. We should live a life of abundance and prosperity and it’s within our grasp to have it. Before you can achieve that, however, it’s important for you to know the top reasons why you tend to suck at life.Author: Steve Roy. If someone was an asshole in high school, and now their life sucks, it’s only human to feel extremely pleased with life. DJs Molly and Dane chat about NSA Pickup Lines. Then, they each choose a few of the 19 Brutal Truths About Life That No One Will Tell You that they both needed to hear. They also share their test scores for LoveFlutter.

Mar 10, 2006 · Best Answer: why isn't anyone listening to this man's question. these answers are contributing to "why life sucks" the answers are narcissistic in nature. no matter what one does with ones life, no matter how serving, no matter what faith they have, no matter how positive, no matter anything, **** still Followers: 1. At Rate My Life, we rate your life using factors derived from what people want to accomplish in life after aggregating data from the entire Internet! At rate my life, we've scoured the Internet to determine the things that people most want to accomplish in life.