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Same-sex marriage also digs a chasm between California's heavily populated coast and its inland areas; 55 percent of coastal voters back same-sex marriage compared with 40 percent in support inland.Author: John Wildermuth. Gavin Newsom rocketed to national fame over gay marriage, and now that he's California's governor he'll be the face and voice of the state's opposition to President Donald Trump.

Gay Marriage, California Style I am very proud of the film, but most of all I am proud of our courageous and beautiful plaintiffs, Kris Perry and Sandy Steir and Paul Katami and Jeff Zarillo, who risked so much in making their private lives public to fight a battle that we all dreamed would ultimately benefit millions of LGBT Californians. San Francisco, two gay rights groups and 23 couples sued to overturn California's marriage laws four years ago after the court halted a wedding spree at San Francisco City Hall.Author: Associated Press.

Mar 07, 2000 · The Golden State has dealt a setback to gay marriage. On Tuesday, voters in California approved state Proposition 22, which declares that only Author: Cbsnews.Com Staff Cbsnews.Com Staff. May 17, 2004 · Latest news, headlines, analysis, photos and videos on Gay Marriage.