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Female Condom Dos and Don’ts DO use a female condom from start to finish, every time you have vaginal sex.*. DO read the condom package insert and check the expiration date. DO make sure there are no tears or defects. DO use lubricant to help prevent the condom from slipping and tearing. DO. A female condom is a long plastic pouch, usually made of polyurethane, that goes inside your body during sex. Flexible rings at both ends hold it in place. The condom lines the walls of the vagina and collects semen and other fluids.Author: Sonya Collins.

Female condoms - how to use a female condom Female condoms are a thin pouch that can be inserted into the vagina before sex, Female condoms can also be used to protect you and your partner during anal sex. Some men and women find the inner and outer rings of the female condom . Apr 28, 2019 · Use of a female condom is a great option where the insertive partner has trouble maintaining an erection. Female condoms can also be more comfortable for uncircumcised men who do not like their foreskin being squeezed by the male condom.

Internal condoms (also called "female" condoms) are easy to use with a little practice. Here are the basics on how to insert, use, and remove a internal condom. XVideos.com - the best free porn videos on internet, 100% free.