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Related Symptoms and Signs of Sore on Penis. Sores on the penis may have a few or one side effects that identify with different sicknesses. Penile bruises, by and large, identify with sexually transmitted infections or self-exacted torment. Sore on the penis is additionally an indication of some sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Genital sores - male. A male genital sore is any sore or lesion that appears on the penis, scrotum, or male urethra. Causes. A common cause of male genital sores are infections that are spread through sexual contact, such as: Genital herpes (small, painful blisters filled with clear or.

Sores on Penis Skin Picture Sores on Penis. The occurrence of sores on the penis can be due to several conditions ranging from sexually transmitted infections to non-sexually transmitted infections. Some sores can be harmless but you might experience Author: Gibson. Aug 08, 2018 · Penile yeast infection. Yeast infection is caused by an organism known as the Candida Albicans. Early symptoms of this infection itching under the foreskin or an itchy penile shaft. This can also cause a red sore penis head or shaft with white bumps. When left untreated, the itchy irritated skin will cause blisters on penis that can be very Author: Felix Ngige.

Penile sores: A lesion present on the penis. See detailed information below for a list of 37 causes of Penile sores, Symptom Checker, including diseases and drug side effect causes.» Review Causes of Penile sores: Causes | Symptom Checker» Causes of Penile sores: The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Penile sores.Next: Causes of Penile sores. Other ulcers or sores on the penis, whether painful or painless, could be a symptom of syphilis. Rarely, scabies can present as bumps under the skin in the pubic region, and small blisters could also be caused by allergies or yeast. Only a doctor can make a diagnosis after a proper medical examination.