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I found this bad picture of Russian ethnicities. From left to right first row: Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Jew, Gypsy, Kyrgyz 2nd row: Belarus, Lithuanian, Georgian. Apr 10, 2007 · This Site Might Help You. RE: Description of typical Russian facial features/physical features? I know that things can change, but you know how Italians generally have dark features, and are hairier, but there are some with light features, Spanish are generally the same, and Irish people have lighter skin, sometimes red hair, light eyes.Followers: 5.

Question by: Russian Facial Features? My name is Alysa and I am full blooded Russian on both sides of my family. My father is from Vladivostok and my mom is from Irkutsk. I have been studying biology and how people whom are descended of certain countries have common physical features. Mar 31, 2015 · There are, however, certain facial features that are common to ethnic Russians (yes, yes, I understand about many mixes, but still). The reason I say that is that people in countries which are popular with Russian tourists seem to be able to spot Russians straight away (and not for the reasons you might imagine, but because of the facial features).

"Russian" or "Slavic" appearance is the important distinguishing combination of features for Russians.The ordinary Russians and Russian physical anthropologists are more or less in agreement on the Russian face.The Russian face is pinkish-white or light(greyish,yellowish,beige) with grey,blue. Jan 13, 2008 · Russian Features: Many russian models have popped up a lot lately in Vogue. And they have very distinct features, in general. Many also have feline like features. Sometimes Slanted eyes, or you can tell by the nose or eye color (if it's blue), and sometimes just by the demenior/body language. You can also tell by the lips, sometimes slanted Author: Hello.