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Home» Betting guides» Asian handicap betting guide Asian handicap betting guide. Asian handicap is a form of betting where the tie result is removed. You have two betting options, betting on home or away. A lot of Asian handicap options exist, let's explain them one by one. In this article we explain all you need to know about Asian Handicap betting including the various lines available, an ‘at a glance’ table, bookmakers that offer Asian Handicap markets and more. Asian Handicap Betting Explained. Asian Handicap (AH) betting can be extremely confusing for many, understandably too.

Jun 12, 2019 · Asian Handicap Betting Explained (How AH Works) Posted on February 1, 2019 June 12, 2019 by Toby Asian Handicap markets enable punters to bet on the outcome of a football match where one of the teams are given a goal “handicap” that’s either positive or negative. Asian Handicap betting is designed to create a more level playing field when it comes to wagering on football matches. Asian Handicap betting applies a goal, or a ‘ball’ handicap to more successful teams, meaning they’ll have to win by a greater margin of goals in order for a wager to be counted. Asian handicaps reduce the amount of outcomes a player can wager on to two, disregarding draws.

Asian Handicap betting is an alternative form of football betting that began in Indonesia, or was at least first named Asian Handicap there, in 1998. Unlike 1×2 traditional football betting, with three potential outcomes; home win, away win, and draw, Asian Handicap in betting can cut out the draw to gives just two outcomes. This system is the preferred betting system for experienced and. Asian Handicaps are a relatively new type of bet which are offered on football matches. The Asian Handicap is created so that in theory, each team has a roughly equal chance of winning. In Asian Handicap betting, effectively the draw is taken out of play and a competitive market formed.