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3 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Your Next Bible. Ministry Resources. Kids Ministry. Bible Studies for Young Adults and College Students. The young adult's life is full of transitions. Moving away from home. Starting a career. Getting married. Living abroad. 60 small group Bible study topics, lesson ideas, themes and tips for your church group. Toggle navigation. Features; their lives were not always an easy path of clear understanding — questions and doubts sometimes came with it, too! A great place to start is a study of Romans 12, which is a practical guide to living like a disciple of.

Young adults, like children, need time to socialize and get to know one another when they attend Bible study sessions. Playing games and participating in social activities either before or after a Bible study helps young adults develop deeper relationships within the Bible study group. College students, singles, or young marrieds: get Bible studies specially adapted for your unique stage of life. View Young Adults. Adults. Click the arrows to browse a sample session of Bible Studies for Life: Adults. GOT QUESTIONS? Just ask Lynn. He’d love to talk Adult Bible study with you.

Sep 06, 2017 · I'm looking for study materials for a young adult (post-high/college age) group that is newly forming at Wayland CRC. I'd also love to hear how churches are connecting with young adults. Any suggestions? Aug 05, 2019 · Contact Ask Questions; Bible Study For Youth: 10 Suggested Topics. by David Peach · Print · Email. Tweet. I f you are looking for some good Bible study topics for young people, then I hope these suggestions can be a help to you. You will need to do more personal study in these subjects to be able to teach them effectively, but this is an.