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Nov 25, 2010 · Rheumatic Fever in Adults Effects. Rheumatic fever is more common in children between 5 to 15 yrs. In adults it characteristically tends to recur. Adults between 25 to 35 yrs are more vulnerable. In America and other developed western countries, rheumatic fever is very rare. It is more often present in developing countries. Dec 01, 1935 · A border-land between rheumatic fever and rheumatoid arthritis has long been recognized. Particularly in young adults clinical distinction may prove difficult or one may find an apparently typical rheumatic fever with carditis progress into a characteristic rheumatoid arthritis.Cited by: 15.

On the basis of experimental data previously reported 1, 2 the concept was presented that rheumatic fever may be the result of the combined influence of vitamin C deficiency and infection. It is the purpose of this communication briefly to review this and to summarize further confirmatory experimental observations and other data accumulated during the past three years that would appear to Cited by: 9. Jan 31, 1946 · Abstract. RHEUMATIC fever has been generally regarded as a disease principally affecting children, and its occurrence in adults has as a consequence been more or less ignored. The high incidence of this disease among members of the armed forces has, however, served to focus attention on its importance in older persons, particularly young adults.Cited by: 10.

May 23, 2018 · Rheumatic fever is caused by a bacterium called group A Streptococcus. This bacterium causes strep throat or, in a small percentage of people, scarlet fever. It’s an inflammatory disorder. Rheumatic fever causes the body to attack its own tissues. This reaction causes widespread inflammation throughout the body, Author: Shannon Johnson. Vitamin C and Rheumatic Fever. Vitamin C is a dietary supplement. Uses: Our data suggest that some patients take Vitamin C for Pain, Common Cold, Flu, Tiredness, Acne, Allergy and Constipation, although this is not an approved use*. It is approved for Scurvy. In addition, it is possible that Vitamin C would be used for Infection and Gaining Weight.