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Aug 09, 2012 · Masturbation/Sex after the operation This is a section that I waited a month or so to write. I suppose it is one which most people will be curious about, so I will be as honest as possible about it. I actually first masturbated 12 days after my circumcision and it was completely fine, though I only used the lower half of my penis. Altough I Author: NJ. Circumcision and “moral hygiene” Despite what the circumcision promoters claim, prevention of masturbation was a principal reason for the introduction of male circumcision in Victorian Britain and America. Circumcision of male infants and boys cannot be understood except in relation to the 19th century anti-masturbation crusade.

Oct 20, 2011 · hi, im 16, i had a circumcision a week today, most of the stitches are getting pushed out as i can now see pretty much all of them, and i want to know when i can start to gently masturbate again? iv read online people say 5 days after stitches are out, some people say 2 weeks some say 4:/ i dont think ill be able to wait for 4 weeks, so i need to know when is the time when in can start Status: Open. got circumcised and i can't masterbate:(By Guest | 50 posts, last post 2 hours ago. Dr Artem Agafonov answered this Sexual Sensitivity and the Glans Penis After Circumcision. Read more. New .are you circumcised or not. if youre circumcised from birth i dont understand how you can have a sensitve glans as an adult. And if you are not cut.

Mar 30, 2015 · How It Feels to Be Circumcised as an Adult. He did say right after the circumcision was complete—while he was still unconscious from anesthesia—his parents, his sister, and a rabbi did a Author: Jacob Harper. Feb 20, 2012 · Masturbatin after circumcision? Enhance Your Penis in the Shower. Bathmate is the world's #1 selling pump! It's safer than air pumps and the most comfortable pump on the market! Plus, the Bathmate is so easy to use! Simply use it while you go about your normal bathing routine! Get REAL results! ORDER NOW!