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Jan 10, 2018 · Fifth disease is a viral disease that’s common in children but can also affect adults, especially pregnant women or people with compromised Author: Autumn Rivers And Winnie Yu. Fifth Disease Adults. If an adult has already had fifth disease, they are considered a fifth disease adult and they will most likely not contract the virus again. In adults, there is the possibility that contracting this disease can cause infectious arthritis otherwise known as septic arthritis where the joint has been invaded by a virus or bacteria.

Sep 05, 2018 · The disease is rare in infants and adults. Fifth disease got its name many years ago when it was the fifth on a list of the six recognized childhood rash-forming illnesses; the others include rubella, measles, scarlet fever, chickenpox, and roseola infantum. Fifth disease, also called Erythema infectiosum, is a mild viral illness that most commonly affects children. It is called fifth disease because it is the fifth of the five viral rash diseases of childhood (the other four being measles, rubella, chicken pox and roseola).

Fifth Disease Overview. In addition to all of the other symptoms, adults often experience soreness in the joints, including the hands, wrists, knees and ankles [source: Mayo Clinic: Parvovirus ]. These symptoms can last for several weeks or even months, in some cases [source: Center for Disease Control ].Author: John Barrymore.