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So what exactly is "adult contemporary music"? Of course, there are no hard-and-fast definitions. But John Rockwell of the New York Times may have put it best in his review of Melissa Errico's first CD, "Blue Like That". He wrote that the album "is pretty and contained, unashamedly popular, but balanced and proportioned like classical music". I agree, and would add that that observation could. The Adult Contemporary chart is published weekly by Billboard magazine and lists the most popular songs on adult contemporary radio stations in the United States. The chart is compiled based on airplay data submitted to Billboard by stations that are members of the Adult Contemporary radio panel. The chart debuted in Billboard magazine on July 17, 1961.

Jul 27, 2019 · ADULT CONTEMPORARY How This Chart Works. Radio Airplay = ADULT CONTEMPORARY. This week's most popular soft rock/adult pop songs' artists, ranked by radio airplay detections as measured by Nielsen.